Why Partner With ISP

"Partnership is not a posture but a process - a continuous process that grows stronger each year as we devote ourselves to common tasks."
John F. Kennedy
Gain Momentum

A Better Way of Doing Business

Strategic alliances are what we thrive on. Every ounce of innovative talent applied in the development of our patented IoT and wireless technology is designed to bolster the success of any business partnering with us. There is no getting the short-end of the stick. We are only interested in forming long-term business relationships that are a complete win-win for all. Partnering with ISP is synonymous with a strong loyalty to mutual success, operating solely within profit or revenue-sharing opportunities.

Generating Big Wins

Our Core Values

Partner Success

Our partners' success is our success. The ISP team works closely with each and every client to optimize their business while increasing revenue.

Industry Partnerships

We partner with leaders in the telecommunications industry. These relationships allow ISP to offer the widest range of solutions customized for each business we serve.

Winning Culture

A winning company culture of inclusion, diversity, and support, is a core tenet of our success.

Cultivating Success

Our Strengths

First-Class Team

We have assembled a highly-skilled and exceptionally talented team. We are results driven, analytical and diverse from international backgrounds, all deeply knowledgeable and talented in wireless technology.

Technology is Core

Technology evolves quickly, and we are innovative visionaries understanding the ever-changing adaptations. With over 25 years of experience in custom wireless solutions we have developed an intuitive industry ‘know-how’.

Committed Premium Service

Our network reliability and consistency creates the standard of trust needed for the longevity of our premium services. 

Long-Term Partnerships

The process of creating longevity matters to us. When building durable wholesale and referral business partnerships, we are committed to high-quality communication, strategy and results.

Strategic Alliances

We plan strategically to leverage our shared networks and increase revenue. Compatible alliances are formed with laser-focused success as we reach milestones and peak performance goals together.

Contracts with Major Carriers

We have secured contracts with all major carriers to provide unlimited connectivity. We link rural and urban American businesses of all sizes for flawless IoT and internet reliability.

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